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Southport Video

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Are you able to confirm that Andy has not appealed against the Red Card shown to Justin at Southport? Everyone seemed convinced before the arrival of the video, that it hit his shoulder & even Jacko in the Reporter says that he was convinced it hit the shoulder rather than arm.


Did the video show clearly otherwise, or was it simply not clear where the ball hit him, at least not sufficiently clear to support the appeal?


Was anything able to be done regarding Rob Owen's yellow card? I have an idea that you cant appeal a yellow card, only a red one, but I may be wrong? Given that the Southport people acknowledged that it was them, "having a joke", when he was tapped on the shoulder, it is plain daft that he should still have the yellow card to his name - it seems all common sense and logic has gone from referees judgements this season.

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Andy looked at the video several times and in freeze frame and the evidence wasn't conclusive enough to support an appeal.


As you know you have to pay £250 when you appeal which is only refuned if you win. In Andy's view the video wasn't clear enough to risk losing the money.


As regards Rob Owen, I understand that the Southport manager did have a word with the referee after the game and hopefuly that will be included in his report. After it's down to the FA whether the booking stands or not.


As soon as I know for certain, Ill pass it on.

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That is a real shame, as will now be without the services of Skinner for a couple of game and now that Sturgess and Nutter have left, we are a little short in that area (and I dont mean Skins's height).

Also, we now look certain to receive a fine from the FA at the end of the year, money that could be used to strengthen the squad for our second year in the conference and a promotion challenge.

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Someone at the FA's got a bit of common sense after all, then - must be the only one !!


As for the video, perhaps if the Conference insist that games are recorded, they need some degree of quality control as well - no doubt if it happened at a League Club, the problem just wouldnt arise.


Perhaps someone should work on Sky to start showing a highlight package again, and to provide some funding for decent recording facilities for Conference matches.

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