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Sponsored Walk

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Yes. Somewhat deafening silence in reply there, Zealster.


Only true Saintsfans can walk tomorrow. My best estimate is around 2,500 give or take the odd 2485.


Rob the ex-Saint can't possibly do the walk as he.. er.. has.. er.. an appontment in Hemel Hempstead in the morning. Webbo isn't really a true Saintsfan in any event but he can't possibly do the walk anyway as he..er... has..er...an appointment in Cricklewood in the morning.


I don't know about Tall n Cool but I have a hunch, just a suspicion that Tall n Cool is a gel. Chubbhead, too, perhaps. Without being sexist in any way, I've mentioned to one or two people that there will be a contingent of babes doing the walk so that may bring in a few waverers. If Tall n Cool and Chubbhead are chaps or can't make it, Helen is definitely a gel and she is doing it so we won't have any problems with Misrepresentation or the Trade Descriptions Act.


Cookie can't make it which is a shame as I was looking forward to a couple of hours with him to discuss the relative merits of 3-5-2 vs. 4-4-2 as well as the long-ball game vs. that namby pamby, keep it on the ground, two touch rubbish.


Laz can't possibly do the walk as...er...er...he...er.. has to drive to the Woood with the new horsey guy.


SSL? Ted Maul? No idea.


You, that Chairman of The Supporters Club chap, a good representation of the rest of t'Committee, no doubt, GHA, Helen, Patrick, me. Loads of others, I'm sure.


Don't worry they will come flocking in their hordes. It will be a laugh and those that don't will wish they had.




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