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The admin has asked myself, as a moderator, to make some decisions;


in the next few days, this forum will revert to one that requires people to register.


Whilst we will lose some potential postings from away supporters,

we will also lose the anonymous crap.


I am asking everybody to check the conditions of use for this forum.

Anything that is offensive WILL BE DELETED.

This includes personal attacks on others.


To those that don't like it - TOUGH.

This is democracy in motion.

Slag me off, criticise my decision - I DON'T CARE.


I will not be the only moderator. Please note that nothing will be deleted unless all the moderators of this forum agree that it should be deleted.


For those who refer to the St Albans' forums as an example of how ours should be,

may I point out that those users don't launch personal attacks in public on others.


So if we don't then it will be more like that.

I propose that the general forum is used in the manner of its name - anything and everything.

(Although the delete button will be used if required).

We want new people to come onto these forums and make posts.

We want it to be fun.

We want to debate about football & non-football things.


Northfleet Select will be the forum for GNFC matters.


I hope this ensures everybody knows how things will stand.

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Northfleet Select is for GNFC news & debate ONLY.


This forum is for ANYTHING not offensive, no matter what the subject.


There is a difference.


By registering, it is easier to remove those that make personal attacks in the first place.


As for football - I think we need 5 more wins.

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