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Supporters Club AGM last night.


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I've had a couple of PMs asking me to summarise last night and although I didn't take notes, the following may help.


Unexpectedly as far as members were concerned, Gibbo, and the Vice chairman arrived with Ritchie Hanlon who was introduced and he outlined elements of his his philosophy for next season before the AGM commenced.


The bearded chap then presented his report as Chairman, the draft accounts were then presented and, in very simple summary, the Supporters Club have produced around 15% more in funds for the club than the astonishingly good year of 05/06.


Helen Christmas, Lucy Smith and Rob Pearson resigned from the Committee during the season. The remaining members [ian Rogers, Barry Hilliard, Ken Allen, Duncan McLeod, Ian Bangs, Knocky, Sarah Hilliard] offered themselves for re-election and were, along with Davy MacLean and James Walker [a blend of yoof and experience if ever I saw it], for next season.


Two issues arose under AOB:


1. The SC has donated money to the playing budget over the past few seasons and there was a body of opinion that, for various reasons, that practice should cease, but rather, monies donated by the SC should be used by the board to cover other expenditure. Another view was that the team is more important than, say, general maintainance of the ground [or a Ferrari for me, say.]


At Monday's Board meeting Gibbo had indicated the amount that club would like from the SC towards next season's playing budget.


Following debate, the Committee were asked to indicate to the main Board that there is a level of opinion that no money should be donated for this purpose but that some compromise might be found.


2. In his matchday programme notes at a recent game, Gibbo had said that he would look to make shares available to the Supporters Club. No further discussion had taken place beyond that, however. It was highlighted that the Supporters Club Committee cannot legally hold shares in anything.


It was agreed that steps should be taken in early course to explore the potential advantages of the establishment of a Supporters Trust. Ian Rogers will do so and report back to the members.


That's it.









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Eh? I think that it's called democracy in action Laz.


I'm not a mmber of the Committee but as far as point 1 is concerned, I suspect that members would be rather cross if money is donated to the Board as a contribution to the playing budget of the club at the same level as the season just finished. Rather the Committee should make it clear to the Board that there are the views outlined above. There was no suggestion that money should be witheld, however, and if expenditure is required for tracksuits, balls, general maintainance etc. then that's fine.


As far as point 2 is concerned, no-one has the expertise to say whether a Supporters Trust is the answer to a maiden's prayer or anything else but it just might be, and it is to be properly looked into.


What's inconclusive about that?

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Do I look like the Secretary of the Supporters Club Committee? Do I look like the Executive in charge of the Media, Marketing and Telecommunications Operating Sub-Division of the football club? Why me, for the love of Jesus?


1. One person last night didn't want a single penny donated to pay the players, another person wanted every single sou to go to the next Tom Beech 'cos he might get us back to the Conference Nationale, a third wanted Gibbo to ask nicely the next time he wants money to buy a player in order that we can all have a vote and decide whether he's a donkey, and therefore hard-earned money down the drain, or a future captain of England, before agreeing or not.


I tried to give a balanced sunmmary in as few words as possible and that's what you have above.


The Trust thing has been suggetsed on more than one occasion and, as far as I am concerned, it can't come soon enough. It needs to be properly expored, however - the whys and the wherefores, the pros and the cons, the ups and the downs etc. etc. It's not as exciting as debating whether the manager should play 4-4-2 or 4-4-3 or 1-1-8, but one day, it will be a shade more important.


Rant over.

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The Happy Snapper was there and took photos of t'lad with all and sundry but it didn't occur to me that he might need a shot for that purpose Laz.


Has anyone asked EFMTFTV the question "How can you tell when you're getting old Thornsy?" A: "When the new manager is younger than you."


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I'm sure the idea was going through a few peoples minds last night but no one seemed to want to raise it:


I have the feeling that when the donation to the playing budget was questioned and the possibility of more say in the running of the club was raised that people were heading towards the qustion of the supporters club chairman having a seat on the board and therefore a vote when it comes to board meetings.


I may be reading things wrong !

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I hope that you were reading it wrongly, Hatboy.


The Chairman of the Supporters Club is already invited to Board meetings and, if you like, has a seat on the board to that extent. I believe that he chooses to limit his contributions to "Supporters Club" issues, however.


I'm not sure that 'voting' comes into very much, actually, although Gibbo would, no doubt, say that everything is done by consensus.


And, anyway, why be shy? If you or anybody else has that view why not air it at the AGM?



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The issue concerns the recognition of peoples views, LMU, the making of a gesture to demonstrate a point, perhaps the principle rather than the practical.


And for the avoidance of all doubt, my own view is entirely in accordance with the first sentence of your post. But I fully recognise the strength of feeling of a sizable and growing minority of fans. Others need to recognise it, too.

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