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It's strange how Danny Hunter is almost universally unpopular in Non League football circles.


I don't know the guy at all other than what he looks like, as it were. What has he done to upset so many people? Apart from the three ladies in Zinco's, of course.

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That's where I spotted it.


We've had a bit of history with the Wooooooood. In particular, they managed to spoil the Herts Senior Cup final a few years back. They organised a hooligan bus up to Letchworth.

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I've read that between the lines Laz wink Doesn't he The newly resigned Chairman) look like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth? grin


Mind you, we shouldn't be so quick to judge. We've all been there, boozy night out, lariness in a restaurant...Who knows what happened...


We'll just judge him on the hooligan bus grin


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I wonder if the Arsenal Ladies team will try to distance themselves from the club as a result of this incident ?


If they decide to look for a new location for home games, it could be another source of income for the mighty Saints, should we be forward thinking enough to make the offer.....

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Originally Posted By: Hatboy
You put yourself about a bit (So to speak) on the forums bitch.

Thanks Hatboy (i think)... I love non league, so any topic that interests me i pounce on. I'm easily bored so do get about - a bit wink
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