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Danny Hockton & NLP


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From todays NLP


Margate striker Danny Hocktons transfer request has put Fleet boss Liam Daish on red alert.....

...but ebbsfleet must pay a fee if they are to land the Kent based hit man - and both Bromley and AFC Wimbledon are loitering



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Originally Posted By: ooh!!bodyform
please dont go to afc wombledon!!!!!!!

I dont think he would tbh he wont want to stick in the ryman if he thinks he can play higher in the ladder.

Not sure if he could do it in the conf he seems a yard to slow to me, and from what i saw of the conf on sky last season pace is very important on strikers at that level now.

Of course i hope he proves me wrong and does a good job at what ever club he goes to providing they arnt in the same division as us but i dont think that would be the case.
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Can't see him going to another club in our division. The club update mentioned Conf Soputh, Conf and League 2. And according to the update Danny's letter mentioned playing at a higher level. The only way we would allow a move to AFC I'd guess is if Dany wanted to go AND their's was the highest bid.


Bromley or Greebsnorthfleet would seem to be favourites for me as it meets bot club and player's requirements - so long as the fee is right. And who knows .... I see Jon Main has "U-turned".

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