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Burnham Lad

DVLA Spoilsports!!

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From a newsfeed....


The DVLA have stepped in to ban a list of naughty number-plates before the new 57 registrations arrive.


They were forced to act to stop cheeky drivers using the number combination to "spell out" offensive or controversial words.


Officials feared the figures 5 and 7 - on new plates from September - may be used to represent letters S and T or S and Y, reports The Sun.


That could have seen cars on the streets with registrations TE57 CLE (Test*cle), EC57 ASY (Ecstasy), BA57 ARD (B*stard), MY57 ASH (My Stash), H057 AGE (hostage) and HE57 ABS (stabs).


Also banned is EA57 GAL (Easy Gal).


A DVLA spokesman said the plates were blocked "to avoid causing "general offence or embarrassment".


So any others you can suggest they might have missed?



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I love when people try to make a different letter out of a number plate by putting it nearer the holding screw. Daft buggers!

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