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Sir Alex and Becks.

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offline Big J R

Big J R
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Is there any truth to the rumour that the last words Becks heard before storming out of the dressing room holding his forehead, were Sir Alex shouting,

"There you are Giggsy ! If you'd hit the f***ing ball like that, it would have gone IN the net, not f***ing OVER it !

offline Bate'o

  • First XI - Weekly Contract
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Someone sent me this. Appartently this is true!!

[color:"blue"] Just thought you might be interested, maybe not.
I'm on an Arsenal mailing list and one guy on it claims to be a good
friend of Ashley Cole. Now this guy has told the list stuff before that he said he heard from Ashley and a lot of it has turned out to be true.
Anyway his latest story today is that Ashley went in to the United
dressing room after Saturdays match to commiserate with his English team mates.
Rio Ferdinand quickly ushered him out saying that there was a major row.
Apparently Rio told Cole that Ferguson was giving a Beckham a right
going over and said to him "Ashley Cole made you look a right [****!!****]".
Beckham replied "well, Wenger has made you look a bigger [****!!****], yet again".
With that Ferguson picked up a boot and fired it at him. When Cole walked in to the dressing room, Neville and Scholes were holding Beckham up against the wall and a couple of others were holding back Ferguson.
I don't know how true this is, but it is more believable than the
"kicked a boot" story. Have you ever kicked a boot, it's hard raise it off the ground never mind get the power to injure someone. If it's true I could see Beckham out the door in the summer.

I am not to sure how true this is. I dont believe that Ashley Cole would be brave or stupid enough to go into the United changing room after the game. Mind you he did wear trainers to meet the queen!!!

offline Dave Hedgehog

Dave Hedgehog
  • First XI - Sub's Bench
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  • Joined: 2 Feb 2002
Perhaps it's not Beckham who should be leaving Man U. I can't see United winning ANYTHING until Ferguson is replaced. He should have quit when he said he was going to. There's no doubting what he has achieved in the past but it has to be said that United are no longer the best team in the Premiership and too many other sides know how to play them - even at Old Trafford. If the Board have any guts, they will hold on to their best player, who still has years ahead of him, instead of a manager who is in great danger of outstaying his welcome.

offline Mr Happy

Mr Happy
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Best player?? You mean Paul Scholes then.

offline Dave Hedgehog

Dave Hedgehog
  • First XI - Sub's Bench
  • Posts: 206
  • Joined: 2 Feb 2002
Pity it wasn't Scholsey in the flightpath of the boot - it would have missed him and gone over his head!
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offline The Truth

The Truth
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I thought Man Utd's best player was Paul Durkin <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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