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kaiser had no mates saturday so spent the night with us. when it came to going home his "real" mates showed up so he took them home and left us in chelmsford to fend for ourselves. must have been cold with all those holes in your jeans kaiser! is ripped jeans a new fashion?

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Ill take that as a bite for me caining your waistcoat again... grin


LOL! You loved the fact that I stayed in Que Pasa with you lot as you said "you are staying with us now Kingy"... tongue


I think you know realise the female pulling power that Kaiser has due to his "gay mate-ness"... grin


Ripped Jeans = Proper lem.

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I admit, the shirt was a bit kwango, but I didnt have anything else with me as I hadnt been home since Thursday evening.


The coat is lem, and would have looked better if I had wore a scarf.


Im all for being different. The jeans were definitely that. Haha.


Pethers however... I dont even know what to say about what he was wearing...

I think even Lily Savage or Pete Burns would have turned their noses up at it.

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