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The F A Vase


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Originally Posted By: 02086667777
how do you know all these facts swoonara

I think he managed to get hold of one of Park Boy's crystal-balls !

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Originally Posted By: swoonara
This will be of interest to 7's
Winterton Rangers,Merstham's opponents in the next round of the Vase, have been charged by the FA of fielding an ineligable player in a previous round and have a hearing in London on the 4th of Jan.

Oh dear, i think we can all guess what the verdict of that hearing will be......
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Well ...unbeaten in er... how many now ? and one game postponed which they would have unboubtedly won..cough,cough

a victory Saturday and bob's yer uncle.

Seriously though, they got a lot closer to doing it than any of you lot thought.


Going back to the Vase.How I know is,I am going to take my son back to Uni the weekend of the 5th,in Teesside and looked up to See where Winterton Rangers were playing and lo and behold it is on their website and Pickering's

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Originally Posted By: swoonara
No,I don't usually go on Boxing day.family and all that,but I might be at Epsom(Banstead) on Saturday.
Re Dorking,it would be ironic if they won team of the month for December,maybe that is the prediction I should have made!!!

I always thought Irony was yer strong point, Swoons ??? bounce
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