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Rugby Update !!

Big J R

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It was Scotland/Wales "International" weekend in Edinburgh , and as the crowds made their way down Princess Street towards Murrayfield, a Rottweiler suddenly lunged towards an eight year old Scottish lass, with its jaws wide open ready to attack.


The crowd nearby gasped in horror but,quick as a flash,a man jumped out of the crowd, grabbed the dog by the throat and throttled it.


As the dead dog lay there, and the crowd cheered in admiration, a journalist from the Glasgow Herald who had witnessed the heroic deed, went up to the man and said,


"That was brilliant, I can see the headline now."


"Welsh Rugby Fan Saves Young Girl From Certain Death."


The man replied,


"No you've got it wrong. I'm not here for the rugby!"


"Don't worry" said the journalist, I can see the headline now."


"Welshman Saves Girl From Jaws Of Rottweiler"


The man replied,


"No you're wrong again. I'm not Welsh; I'm from Berkshire .. "


The journalist said,


"Don't worry, I can see the headline now"


"English B@stard Strangles Family Pet !!!!"

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