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Slough Town vs Burnham - Line Ups, HT, FT Updates


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Slough Town

1. Lee Carroll, 2. Laurence Brown, 3. John Gray, 4. Steve Daly, 5. Brian Connor, 6. Danny Jeffreys, 7. James Pritchard, 8. Lee Riddell ©, 9. Terry Davies, 10. Jermaine Gumbs, 11. Tom Attrell.

Subs: 12. Chris Robinson, 14. David Ocquaye, 15. Abby Nsubuga, 16. Meddie Nsubuga, 17. Jason Marney



1. Emeka Aneke, 2. Adam Durrant, 3. Chris Owens, 4. Ryan Bird, 5. David Stevens, 6. Dan Willment ©, 7. Jeff Brown, 8. James Suarez, 9. Leon Yarnie, 10. Graham Lewis, 11. Darryl Jones

Subs: 12. Dan Bass, 14. Richard Jeffrey, 16. Daniel Rose, 17. Jagdeep Makh.


James Pritchard, an attack minded midfielder, has joined from Uxbridge in a swap deal for Dave Barratt. Keeper Lee Carroll, a name which may be familiar to many Rebels with plenty of Southern and Isthmian league experience, makes his debut between the sticks.

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0-0 at half time. Bracknell currently 2-2. Slough have got better as the half has gone on although have had to ride their luck a bit at times. Leon Yarnie and Ryan Bird have both missed good chances, but at the other end Davies hit the post for Slough.


An even contest so far...

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You did not actually tell us any thing about Sweetman as a manger, just as a player.


One game means nothing.


Not sure what to make from the game today other than the lack of hight and size in the team meant we were beaten to/knocked off the ball most of the time.


Pity James Suarez did not play like that when he wore a Slough shirt.

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I think its fair to say we will get relegated. Bracknell are doing well at picking up odd points here and there.


I don't think its fair to make much of an opinion on Sweetman for a few games, maybe even next season when hes had the chance to create his own team.


Pritchard look decent enough, Carroll needs to work on his kicking big time!

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Well one positive you can say is that James Pritchard looked a good signing always seemed to have time and was able to pick out an Amber shirt. But we were woeful. The first half we missed two good chances and once we went behind there was no coming back.


Quite why we started the second half so badly is beyond me.


Derek said we've got 8 cup finals. 7 left and I reckon three wins will be enoguh. Win on the IOW, so where are we getting the other two from?

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Guest Anonymous

I hate to make this posting but I need to get it out of my system. I have followed Slough for almost 50 years, through the wonderful days of the 60's, 70's and the Conference. However the last few seasons have been a disaster being beaten week after week by teams, most of whom have players who are no better than the ones we have been using and who's financial circumstances are not much better than ours. To me this is due to managerial incompetence both off and on the pitch. I would love us to avoid the drop but in reallity I do not think that we will. I will not be renewing my season ticket next season, the reason being I just get too upset and annoyed most weekends. I realise that certain individuals in management give their heart and soul for Slough Town, but it's not enough the club needs competent management and the prospect of going even further down the pyramid is brakeing my heart.

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Very disappointing, at half time I thought we could get something from the game but we never got started after the break and got punished for it, and rightly so.

In the first half we rode our luck a bit but we created chances, those of us under the covered end thought we had scored when Terry hit the post, and Tom Attrell was very unlucky not to put us ahead in the first few minutes. The second half was very poor and we couldnt seem to get started at all, the passing was poor and we never really looked like doing much. Carroll REALLY needs to practice on the kicking, that was very poor and we were lucky we didnt get punished for it directly.

Positives though, Pritchard looked good, Attrell was trying hard on his first start in a very long time, and Connor has amazing pace for a 39 year old. Daly had a good game mostly too.

Really need something from Monday now, but if we play like we did in the second half again relegation is certain.

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