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Coach Report for the York Game


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First time this has appeared on the other forum.


Coach Preview




Training this week has mainly revolved around keeping the players sharp and fit. Keeping them ticking over until the next game away at York. We've experienced a high volume of games over the past month and this can take it out of the players - mentally and physically. A lot of players only had light training as they were involved in the Kent Senior Cup semi final game.




Players injured and out of contention are:


James Smith

Liam Coleman

Danny Slatter - who has had his second cast taken off this week and will hopefully take a part in light training soon.




Sasha Opinel - 2 match suspension starts 28th March



Pre-match - York City


It's going to be a very tough game, I watched their game against Northwich Victoria and I know their manager (Colin Walker) will not have been happy with their performance. He will be demanding a better performance against us this weekend, so we have to be aware of that backlash.


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Originally Posted By: Hirsty
When I saw the title of this thread I assumed that it was some sort of transport details, pick up points etc.... ! Coach my ar*e.....he is the manager !!!

its a moonieism hirsty....we're all being moonied up...

new platitudes to liam..

hey coach well done
go coach go
'ave it coachie...

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