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Does anyone know..............


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Originally Posted By: waggamick
Back tees and tough pin placements at Hobbs Cross?

1. No breakfast as we were going to have fish n chips at Southend!

2. No fruit pastilles due to the panic of seeing a very senior female foursome making their way from the clubhouse & rushing to get to the first tee in front of them!

3. Still laughing at tales of the previous nights quiz!

OK im struggling now, it was all going very well for all of us upto the 5th tee with just one shot seperating all three, then a 9 on a par 5 followed by a 6 on a par 3 put an end to my challenge.
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Bloke at my club had 73 off the stick in a comp last Saturday off a handicap of 14 for a nett 59 and an easy win...

BUT....so busy working out how many stableford points he would've scored he forgot to sign the card.

Insult to injury saw his handicap docked 3 shots to 11.

Always someone worse off.

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Originally Posted By: andyetfc
Originally Posted By: Squadron Leader
I thought there was a good mix of questions in the Quiz. I even managed to get some right applause2

I think the quiz got in the way of eating!

I know. next time lets have a Quiz on Food, we can eat to find out the answers!!!

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