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Been away too long!

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Hi everyone!!! I used to have the username of ''bloodnock'' and due to humungus bloody computer problems I lost everything,including my log in details for this forum.

Since I last made any posts on the forum far too much water has gone under the bridge and a awful lot of the brown stuff has been flying around.

I really don't feel able to comment on the MYFC takeover as it has all been said and I feel a pragmatic approach is best for me at the moment,suck it and see.

As a diehard supporter for 40 odd years this has been a momentous season,and when I remember standing on the terraces on freezing cold evenings v Witney Town,Tonbridge,Dartford etc.it's amazing to consider how far we have come,having seen and recorded all the Setanta televised games,plus a few that I have managed to attend this season I am impressed by the never say die attitude that the team show,sometimes, as I know most of you agree, the route one stuff does piss me off somewhat,especially when we have players who are capable of building from midfield,but I supose i'm being picky 'cos the league position speaks of a pretty good season.

Does any one feel as I do that next season should be the one where we really must improve, and make a really serious go for the league?

This will mean getting some more quality players, added to the ones that we hope to retain,this should mean we start shelling out more,wev'e done well on a tight budget but to go that extra mile would mean spending a little,would MYFC help.?

As for now, I will be at Wembley, a good friend of mine has managed to get tickets and a seat on a club coach,as we really wanted to make a complete day of it with all fellow Fleet fans.

Hopefully i'll see some of you and make myself known on the day, I can't wait.

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Bloody hell, it looks like the 'Fleet will have at least 2 supporters at Wembley from North Devon.


A relation, who lives in Croyde, is flying back to the UK a week early from an extended holiday in Spain to attend the game.


At this rate there will be more Devon based 'Fleet fans at Wembley then there will be Devon based Torquay fans???

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ex swanscombe myself and have the tattoos to prove it.

Those close enough to me at the Aldershot away game can verify the fact !


Will be getting 60 tickets on Saturday , which in the main are for ex (and some still residing in swanscombe) swanscombers. So that is near as dammit a Swanscombe section.

Feel free to join us, will be easy to spot it will be the one ablaze.




Swanscombe has provided the bedrock of Fleet support for years.


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Just for the record, as I started this thread,I come from Swanscombe,haqving first lived in Gasson road but for the most part in Taunton road (hell! another west country link!!!) right overlooking the Fleets ground,so it's where my love affair with all things G&N ,can we dare to still use that phrase? began.

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I had an uncle and aunt who lived in Gasson Road.


Taunton Road, due to its location by the Robinson Sacks factory, always seemed to be rather separate from the rest of Swanscombe, but mighty handy for Stonebridge Road!


If I remember correctly support for the Fleet and Darts was about 50-50 within the "Holy City".

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Originally Posted By: gaspode
Add 1 more to the ex-Swanscombe list. Born in Milton Street attended Swanscombe School for a couple of years (then on to Gravesend Grammar)

How the hell did someone from Swanscombe get to go to a Grammar school? You must have been one of those posh ones. I was born in Swanscombe Street (nans house) and lived in Church Road. Unfortuantely my parents thought I'd be better off at Dirtford West. Well it does help if you fail your 11+
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Another ex Swanscomber here too, another 'posh' one too, but I went to Dartford Grammar. Now residing in Elephant and Castle. I only know of a few Dartford fans in swanscombe, and remember my history teacher once telling me that I was from Dartford borough so should support Dartford, I laughed at him.

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