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The League Champions

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Apparantly their is a feeling on the Soppybox that we should have been a bit quicker in offering our congratulations on their remarkable feat of buying winning the League Title and promotion. In an effort to right this wrong I have started an "Official" congratulatory thread over there from all at 'ricay who wish to make there feelings on this subject known. I appreciate that may just be me, but if anyone else wants to add to it just hop over to:-





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umm... Dill, did you actually look at my post on the Soppybox? Could have done with you yesterday Waterloo to Norbiton?

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Rik , I dont really bother with the soppybox as the majority of the posters on there get right on my tits and cant have a laugh ,worked yesterday morning funny enough mostly Pompey fans to Wembley got back in time for our second half apparently Ramsgate had been the better side but from what I saw it was after the Lord Mayors Show kinda stuff , good luck to Ricay next season despite all the banter true clarets are well aware of the gratitude to all at BTFC.

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Cheers Dill. Southwest Trains out of Waterloo were kerput, so ended up taking out a second mortgage to the benefit of your compadres in Saarf London.


'kin Transport For London! Hope Boris sorts it out wink



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