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Chris Bourne


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Is anybody else concerned that if we don't play Bourney in the starting line-up, he'll leave us at the end of the season? I'm very much of the opinion that our team is more attacking and with that more exciting, when Chris plays. The problem with bringing him on from the bench is that he isn't usually given enough time to do what he wants to do (ten minutes here and there isn't helping anybody). Apart from that, I just think he's good enough to start every week. Anyone agree?

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I personally don't think anybody has made that left wing position their own, so it's up for grabs for next season in my opinion. Steve Corbell has played pretty well of late, so I can see why he's kept his place.


With Bourney's pace, he could possibly be more effective coming off of the bench, very much how Jon Keeling was used in the Conference side.

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Originally Posted By: Mini Goose
Dont think he looked interested on saturday which is a shame. Maybe because he wasnt started?

Agree. He didn't really get involved much at all yesterday but then again very difficult to make an impression on the game if you're only on the pitch for 20 minutes.

Think Steve Corbell has played very well the last month or so. His ability to score or set others up from set pieces is so important especially in deciding tight matches.
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Guest MOB Snr

Chris has the problem that we are playing well without him and when he comes on we still play well, a little bit of "if it aint broke dont fix it".


He is a class footballer who could improve his crossing, he terrifies defenders and offers us a number of options. We need people like him if we are to get into and sustain a place in the Prem.


I do not think many will choose to leave if we get promoted!


I prefer to see him runninmg past the opposing right back, but be aware that Crowe is maturing and will not play every game, Chris can give us a left backs role as well!!

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I think Bourney is a good players but he does need to improve his final ball if he is going to be guranteed a starting place in the team..


Pace is a big part of football now but its the quality of cross or pass that creates goal scoring chances on most occasions.


Personally i think Left Back is his best position..





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