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The French Charter of 1814 (not what you think it is)

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Actually, it is what you think. This bored me. Does it bore you too?


1. All Frenchmen are equal before the law, whatever their title or rank.

2. They all contribute, in proportion to their wealth, to the expenses of the State.

3. They are all equally eligible for civil and military appointments.

4. Their individual liberty is equally guaranteed, nobody may be pursued nor arrested except in cases allowed by law, and in the manner it prescribes.

5. Each follows his religion with equal freedom, and receives the same protection for his sect.

6. However, the Roman Catholic religion is the state religion.

7. Only Roman Catholic clergy and the clergy of other Christian denominations receive stipends from the royal treasury.

8. Frenchmen have the right to publish and to have printed their opinions as long as they conform to the laws which must check the abuse of this liberty.

9. All property is inviolable, including what is called national property, and the law does not differentiate between them.

10. The state may require property to be given up, for the public good, legally certified, but with prior compensation.

11. All enquiries into opinions expressed and votes cast up to the Restoration are forbidden. Neither courts nor individuals must pay cognisance to them.

12. Conscription is abolished. The method of recruiting to the armed services is to be laid down by



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p.s. I believe that there were many more points, but the above were the main ones.

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