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Colin Zeal EFM

My Favourite....

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Here is my Top 5 favourite trees and plants...


number one - red buck-eye

<img src="http://www.dawesarb.org/images/Thumbs/aesculuspavia_small.jpg" alt=" - " />


number two - verbanica saucer magnolia

<img src="http://www.dawesarb.org/images/Thumbs/Mverbanica1_small.jpg" alt=" - " />


number three - lavender twist eastern redbud

<img src="http://www.dawesarb.org/images/Thumbs/Cerciscancovey_small.jpg" alt=" - " />


number four - tricolor purple european beech

<img src="http://www.dawesarb.org/images/Thumbs/rosepink_small.jpg" alt=" - " />


number five - fragrant winter hazel

<img src="http://www.dawesarb.org/images/Thumbs/fragwinhaz_small.jpg" alt=" - " />


What are other people's favourite trees and plants?? Pictures with all answers please.

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ahh!! now your talking!


a favourite of mine is the Jubaea chilensis

(Chilean Wine Palm)


As I recall it's a massive and very cold-tolerant palm, Jubaea can withstand severe winter temperatures once established. I suggest, however, that while the plant is small, protect it during the coldest weather or grow it in a tub which can be over-wintered in a cold room, or unheated greenhouse. When planting out, choose a sunny, south-facing position and allow room for growth! It grows much faster in the ground than when confined to a pot. Nice specimens are to be seen in Torquay, Kew Gardens (Temperate House), and the Chelsea Physic Garden in London. Just imagine the effect in 50 years time if everybody planted one in their front garden!


<img src="http://www.palmcentre.co.uk/shop/palms/JubChiTN.jpg" alt=" - " />

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