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Eastside Urchin

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I see the Ebbsfleet fans are constantly still bickering with each other.They are playing the league leaders at home today and there is not one thread or even mention of that game on their forum.

What a bunch of bickering idiots.If thats what happens when someone like myfc take over your club then lets pray it never happens at hornchurch.I would rather play in front of a dog and two old men in upminster park than be involved with the garbage they seem to come out with most of the time.

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You mean they got out bickered by better bickerers? grin


Like with all forums Mental, you get a group of people that all come together at the same time, then normal life over takes over and they get on with it.


The Ebbs forum is exceptional in as much as the Club got taken over by a never tried before concept. They even changed thier name! Oh the memories of Gravesend and Northfleet...


The originals that left were probably put off by (a) the invasion and (B) the embarrassment of being associated with the more vocal and nasty remainder (of the originals).


The club remains in it's skeletal form. It's not an area that attracts fresh blood easily. The majority of thier 'real' fans are not computer users. So, herein lies the carcass...


Half time, and it's still 1-0. smile

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