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So where are they?

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That's right there youth set up is second to none after all there's that player...er thingybob and whojewatsit and... nope I can't think of anyone who has made it from dullbridge. Of course they are probably churning out the kids,but then they are a close knit community up there. Even coachy plays the banjo!

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Originally Posted By: The Boy's come Home!
About as boring and predictable as one of your posts! Think you need to move on before it starts to rule your life.

You don't seem to realise mate that being boring and predictable is the one main rule of life!

Or is that two? evil
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pretty vague request though. the proper etiquette of telling someone to die should at least give some description of HOW they'd like them to expire.


e.g. please die after being gang raped by a herd of elephants.


or please die after choking on your boyfriend's penis.


the 'please die' is just lazy. imo.

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