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Nathan Bailey


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I got my first glimpse of him at Hastings and couldn't see that he was any better than Mo, Richard Shittu, Michael Power, Reggie Savage et al.


However like many of those I do believe he was playing out of position. He was picking up most of the balls forward on the right wing and if he did manage to beat a defender he had no-one to cross to. Kenny was playing wide on the left and Healey stuck behind the two of them.


Why don't we have a target man in the middle? It worked with Hockton & Pinns and we have plenty of men capable of sending crosses in ... Kenny, Healey, Stubbs, Quain etc. lets try using a target man.


BTW when Joe Taylor (an out & out target man) came on, he too was not used to plough through the middle, so was wasted. No wonder we're the second lowest scorers in the League.

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There is obviously a dearth of quality strikers-particularly this time of the season (surely there are some loan possibilities though).

I do wonder why we keep on signing the same style and indeed quality (almost but possibly not quite good enough ) of 'striker' and duplicating the position.

Not easy for TY though this time of year.


I saw Taylor in a psf -and as you suggest Peter-he did look like a guy who was quite suited to 'ploughing through the middle'.


We probably just need that bit more experience though at this time of year and in our current relegation battle.

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To be honest Alan, the issue I'm trying to highlight is not whether Joe is a natural target man, it's more a case of we need to play with a target man.


After all it's so frustrating to see someone make an opening down the wing, get in a cross and have no-one in the middle to meet it.

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To be fair to TY,i believe some team called manchester united beat derby over the weekend, with fluidity of striker movement and no recognised target man.


Just the small problem of difference in quality and not quite sure that players at ryman premiership level are equipped to play that way.

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