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New Fisher Manager


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I am sure this is the woman who after we beat Fisher 4 - 3 in the cup got Adam banned for saying something to one of their players BUT then 2 minutes later could not tell me what he had said and at the same time threaten to have me escorted out of the ground for asking the question.


Sore loser and will probably have a PMT moment if they lose the game she is in charge of.

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Personally, I am completely with what the Eastleigh manager is saying. I think it's a complete joke. No, not because she's a woman, but simply because she has been offered the job as she has raised money for the club!? So MISA will be taking over the Margate's managerial position next week then, will they?


It's clearly just a desperate attempt to gain some publicity from the club and yet another example of our country's pathetic attempts to be politically correct. Managers should get their jobs based on merit, and coaching the under 14s hardly qualifies for me.

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