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Slough Town vs Andover - updates


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I am unable to make the game today but will post updates for as long as I am around. I'm sure Gary and others will probably chip in during the game as well.




Jackson, Harper, Fenton, Evans ©, Webb, Fermie, Bubb, Makh, Jordan, Platt, Romeo.


Subs: Brown, Gumbs, Attrell, Jeffrey, Smith.


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Ouch, that was tough.


The first half was pretty good, we created quite a bit and defended reasonably well. 3 good goals and could've had more.


However the second half was a very different story, we let them into the game and paid the price when we conceded 2 goals and only managed to break them down in the 89th minute.


We have to learn to take more shots, and not look for that extra pass. We had a lot of chances to take a pot at goal but wasted these chances by either trying to run with it or pass it on.


A reasonable performance overall but we cannot keep turning out such contrasts between the two halves. But at least we have grabbed the 3 points.

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Well I have a strange feeling here. Don't get me wrong i'm pleased that we won, but personally I still feel pretty low about the game today.


I don't mean to sound like a broken record, as Derek Sweetman seems like a nice bloke, but we were very lucky today and still make the same mistakes. Second-half they dominated it. We only sneaked the game due to the fact they had a dodgy defence. We made a poor team look good today.


It was obvious to everyone in the second-half in the stand (when we wre 3-1 up and they looked like scoring) that they were bossing midfield. Lawrence Brown needed to come into midfield to bulk-up the midfield, but what happens? The management are reactive rather than proactive to the situation and make the sub after they score.


Hate to say it again, but it's all well and good playing three-up, as we look likely to score, but the pressure the midfield and defence is put under playing this way is ridiculous.


Also when it went 3-3. The body language of the players was truly awful. No gee-ing up from the bench and players were silent with their heads down. No urgency to pull a goal back and the players were going through the motions. There was no leadership anyway How we made it 4-3 i'll never know.


I really do hate this, as i'm usually very happy after a win, but just feel very disappointed in the way things happened. I don't like to moan, but the negatives totally outweighed the negatives for me, despite the win.


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A win which is positive. My boy has been to two games and has seen two wins so maybe I should bring him to every game.


The negative - that match. Good lord it isn't often I come away from a match that Slough has won and feel such little jubilation. 4-3 but could so easily have been on the wrong end of the scoring. The defence was abysmal. Whatever was said at half time when leading 3-1 clearly wasn't the right thing to say, but then maybe nothing was said because Calvin Maye said in the paper these players didn't need motivation for this game!


Even at the end when 4-3 there was utter confusion amongst the players. Yash shouting at DJ to keep the ball in the corner to waste some time, and instantly passed it to Bubb in an offside position, Bubb taking a free-kick quickly but rather than putting it into the channel for Attrell kicked it straight to the Andover keeper.


As much as DJ is a great team player, if we're going to keep playing him up front he'll need to be a bit more selfish and start shooting at goal. Clearly lacking confidence he didn't pull the trigger when the opportunity came and preferred to pass instead of shoot. It was a shame he couldn't find the net with the late header as it could have been just what he needed.


Anyway, a win is a win I suppose. Play like that against Uxbridge on Saturday and I'd expect us to get stuffed

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I pretty much agree with all the above, but we made that tougher than neccessary. I know we scored four, but should have scored a couple more especially before Andover got back in the game. Having said that they should have had a second before half time with that chance I was told went over the line.

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could have easily been 4-4 at half time


2nd half we like normal didnt look interested in doing anything but desperate defending


not till we switched to a more conventional 4-4-2 did we look like even scoring 2nd half


attrel and bubb on the wing gave us width and yet we still didnt want to really use it


twice before half time we had 3 on 2 on the counter and didnt get to the edge of the box even


andovers right winger created basically everything for them and quite often fenton was isolated against him. we could do with a few more like that winger. a fast player who can take people on consistently and pass/cross well


its a win but we still have a lot of clear problems

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could not watch the last knockings of this match ..for our supporters today another roller coaster ride..of doing ok ! in the first half ..nothing to get to excited about, then we wanted to hand them a win , yash spared the blushes..

but as people have said ..it was not a good game really for Slough, but still to win for a change in the last mins of a game was very novel...for us for a change..


...chris s

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Terrible defending in the first half especially. Very, very lucky to get a result out of the game. Possibly the least deserved 3 points we will get this season.


Andover looked like a very poor team but everything was done to make them look like world beaters and if it wasn't for Evans and Webb's clearances off the line would could be looking at a very different result. On top of that Fenton is now on a 2 game suspension and Fermie a 1 match ban after the bookings they picked up.



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