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Who is Your Windsor and Eton dream team??


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Knocker Junior, a difficult (but good) question. But here it goes for me for the 20+ years of me watching football at Stag Meadow:


1. Kevin Mitchell; 2. Kevin Parkins; 3. Ryan Parsons; 4. Paul Coyne; 5. Ian Richards; 6. Mark Woods; 7. Shaun Dyke; 8. Dave Carroll; 9. Richard Evans; 10. Dennis Greene; 11. Mark Franks. Subs: 12. Trevor Bunting; 13. Colin Ferguson; 14. Matt Brady; 15. Kieron Adams; 16. Michael Chennells.

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Here is my team. Going back to about 1985 when I first went to the Meadow. I've only included players who I think have played at least 2 season's for Windsor.


1, Kevin Mitchell

2, Stuart Mitchell

3, Derek Walters

4, Terry Merriman

5, Ian Richards

6, Mark Woods

7, Jerry Williams

8, Dave Carroll

9, Michael Chennells

10, Dave Regis

11, Mark Franks

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A little older but my team would be:


1Kevin Mitchell

2 John Mitchell

3 Derek Wlaters

4 Mark Woods

5 Colin Smith

6 Mark Biggins

7 Shaun Dyke (purely on his playing ability not attitude or personality)

8 Trevor Baron

9 Steve "Ginger" Butler

10 Chris Yates

11 Mark Franks


Really too many to choose from, I could choose quite a few from the current team, but looking at players that have played for a few seasons and acheived something at Windsor (won something or been on a successful cup run) As for players that only ever played for Windsor, well none of my team fit that category and can't imagine too many will?!?!?!

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Very personal - and remember I've only been watching since 1994!


1 Trevor Bunting

2 Dave Tilbury (1)

3 Ryan Parsons

4 Colin Ferguson

5 Alan Jordan (2)

6 Paul Coyne

7 Steve Jones

8 Gordon Hill (3)

9 Michael Chennels

10 Dennis Greene (4)

11 Shaggy (5)


(1) Not at centre back - I prefer him to give away free kicks as far from the penalty area as possible!

(2) Mostly for his ability to "persuade" coach drivers to stop for a fag break on long away trips.

(3) Wouldn't be a Windsor team without him.

(4) Mainly for comedy value - particularly ball-steadying skills.

(5) What is his real name?




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Don't forget Dennis's uncanny ability to receive fouls in the area. Sometimes even before the opposition committed them...


And IIRC Shaggy went under the nom de plume (or possibly de boot) of Kieren Adams, although I'm not certain that was how he spelt it.


Gordon deserves to be in the team just for that quality leap into the off-field straw. Plus gesturing "Higher" at us when we chanted "He's only worth seven million"...

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