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Woody SUFC

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Not one of our best performances of the season. We looked suspect at the back and didn't create anything going forward. Although it has to be said Cirencester did look a very good side, the 2 centre backs won absolutely everything. This was definitely one of the games which looking at our remaining fixtures was one of the toughest.


One thing I've noticed over the last few weeks is the amount of unnecessary free kicks we seem to concede around the edge of the area. We've got away with it up till now but not on Saturday.


Anyway last time we lost we went bounced back with a couple of wins. Hopefully we can do the same starting on Tuesday.


Highlight of the day has to be the mobility scooter outside Carpenters, something even the most PC person would have found amusing!


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That scooter moment will go down in history!! laugh


All in all a pleasent day out that said i think ian's sources need to be double checked. That pub by the station wasnt THAT bad and McKenzies was shocking!!

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Oh how could i forget the ghost we saw? In the heart of historic roman cirencester a man dressed like a 13th century lord popped out of nowhere and told us of a pub to go in before we could reply he was gone!! None of us had the guts to track down the pub he claimed was worth a visit!


The spookiest moment of my life!

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Yeah that was surreal. He just appeared from nowhere before harping on about being strangers to the town and then telling us to avoid Blackjack Street as we would lose all our money. Then he just vanished into thin air!


If Yvette Fielding had been with us she would have been petrified!


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Was Willo up front with Chen then? seems a strange choice with Wallace and Ben on the bench, looks like he had too much choice and tried to fit in too many players. Although how can a re-arranged team play so well against Maidenhead and then so poorly less than a week later. Maybe the pressure is starting to show, or maybe we just needed another kick up the backside. We are still in the driving seat so a little more concentration, 3 points tomorrow and then the big game becomes even bigger.


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