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Adverts returning / Gold Membership

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You may have noticed that there is now no advertising on the forums.


This needs to change, as I continue to pay out far more than I get in.


Making this change for example has cost me around $500, and with perhaps $20 a month in google ads I need to try and recoup whatever I can. That cost does not include the server costs etc.


Therefore all groups, except Gold members will start to see adverts over the coming days - I do not like ads as much as the next person, but I do rely upon people clicking upon the occasional advert to either support the advertiser or bring in a couple of cents to the coffers.


We also have a donation link on the home page of the forums if anyone is feeling generous - even a pound on PayPal helps.


Apart from no adverts either within threads or above/below threads being a 'Gold Member' does have other benefits like far larger PM limits, more storage for photos, less restrictions for signatures etc.... oh and the Gold Members forum and badge displayed along side your posts.


You can become a Gold Member via the subscriptions tab above. Payment is via PayPal and is now non-repeating - so after 12 months you can either renew or let your membership lapse.


Every penny does count - and I appreciate any contributions, whether that is clicking on an advert, making a donation or becoming a Gold Member - every bit helps :)


Thank you in advance.

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Ian, just tried to subscribe to Gold membership but got a message on the paypal page that there was a problem with the email address supplied by the Seller.

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Its rather disappointing that more of us 'Goldies' don't use our exclusive forum ! :smilie_flagguk:

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Can't control everything with Google ads.


As mentioned you are welcome to contribute a fiver to the costs and then you will not see the adverts.


If you do not wish to do this, then I cannot stop you from seeing adverts, which have been there for several years!

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For your information, despite it actually earning us 4.8% of our income, I have removed this type of adverts.


Hopefully the replacement adverts are more to your liking.


it might take a short while before it updates.

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I see the advertising is of the highest quality "Meet hot Polish women"!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You realy have prostituted this site!



I think that advert refers to woman who clean offices really quickly, hence HOT.


Probably lavender polish, as well !





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