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Margate 1 Billericay 3


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Well, for those who thought it was going to be another depressing night down in Margate (our record there over the years has been woeful) was in for a surprise. The first half was a pretty poor affair really, with nothing to distiguish either team apart from the fact that we took our chances and Margate didn't. In fact, I think it true to say that Margate suffered from the same issues we have had over the past, which was, individual errors cost them. Dave Wareham made a mess of his first effort, only to be preseneted immediately with a second...in fact his second effort, which went in, was from a more acute angle and in some respects the more difficult chance than the one he messed up...how on earth the ball got through the keeper is a mystery. Our second was from a pass back to the keeper, who then decided he was indeed Pele and tried to beat Cleaver, who took advatage of his poor control, won the ball and scored. In the keepers defence, Jacob was on him like lightening and didn't really give him a chance to think about what to do...well done to Jacob, his first senior goal for the club.


The second half was a much better affair as we played quite well and kept Margate to scraps. Danny Green made sure of the three points with a tremendous strike and Margate followed about 15 minutes later with a consolation goal. We played the better football in the second half and were the better team. Lets not get to ahead of ourselves though, Margate are a poor side and if we couldn't tuck them away, we were in trouble.


I thought our performance against Kingstonian was the better performance over the 90 but for the two mistakes. I thought then as well as last night the players deserved the applause. It is a shame that what happened on Saturday can't be put aside and the few be big enough to return the applause. Not all of us were involved in the exchange on Saturday, which from all accounts, didn't do anyone, especially ALL those involved, any favours. That aside, everyone played well. We still let teams come on to us and have periods where we do not take care with the ball, keeping it and passing it but last night that was only a minor gripe. Green, Wareham (who had his best game of the season, starting in a Blue shirt, last night), Cleaver played well. The defence was solid and the midfield worked hard. Baker was unlucky not to grab his second league goal last night but he worked hard in the second and caused their defence some problems...Well done to al the players :excited:


The worry for me is, Pond, Cleaver and Hall are now injured. The squad looks quite stretched at the moment. Hall's injury last night looked bad and I really rate him as a player. I wish all of them a speedy return.


With Maidstone playing on Thursday, one hopes that we can tuck them up when we play them on Saturday.


One light moment...I got a text from John Richardson, who was home feeling ill and listening to the commentary on the Margate "radio", informing me that the commentator thought Billericay was the worst side seen at the club this season. We were, at the time, 3 - 0 up.....Say's alot about his side then, doesn't it. Muppet!!!

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I was very impressed with Bakers never say die attitude to be fair he did look worn out towards the end but he had spent most of the game running rings around their defence.

It was great to see Cleaver score in what was his first starting game for the Blues. (i think)


I agree with Gazza it was a pretty dismal first half and you could see why we were both at the bottom of the table (not anymore dance%20(2).gif)


I told one of their supporters what the commentator had said to which he replied "That bloke's a proper numpty that's why no one at Margate takes any notice of him"


Well done lad's and great to see the appreciation from most of the team.

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I tend to disagree with Gazza (which I know is not unusual) I felt the team performed far better than Sat and for me the reason why was a more confident approach to the game.


From start to finish both Dave Wareham and Danny Green ran their socks off and looked to play inside the defenders rather than run towards the bylines, this resulted in both players creating numerous chances and scoring great goals which claimed the result . Yes the second goal was a mistake but full marks to Cleaver for running down a lost cause and causing the panic in the first place. Yes they were poor but you can only beat what is in front of you and we did that last night.


Like many I felt Bakers effort was top drawer again last night, I just think a goal would give him the kick start to go on to better and better things. He had several chances which most inform strikers would tuck away but I am sure that that continued effort will lead to the goals finally coming, which has been much missing from his game all season.


The players deserved the applause at the end and as one who was rather heated on Saturday I was more than happy to applaud a job well done!

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One light moment...I got a text from John Richardson, who was home feeling ill and listening to the commentary on the Margate "radio", informing me that the commentator thought Billericay was the worst side seen at the club this season. We were, at the time, 3 - 0 up.....Say's alot about his side then, doesn't it. Muppet!!!


Muppet here :) You looked a poor side last night - an observation shared over at least part of this season by a few of your fans on here I note - and the poorest I've seen at Harstdown Park this season and I've been to every game. But, we were worse than you and you deserved to win. And you don't want to listen to our fans - we're in the bottom four losing to another side in the bottom four at home :( Ah well, back at Harstdown Park on Saturday I guess.


Good luck for the rest of the season.

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A vital 3 points for us and I thought we thoroughly deserved them over the course of the 90.


I agree the first-half was poor but I’ll take that all day long if it means going in two to the good. I managed to miss Jacob’s goal (grrr) but well done to him for opening his Billericay scoring account.


I thought we played much better in the second half and had quite a few chances to increase our advantage. The 4-4-2 formation certainly seems to have led to an increased number of chances.


Margate were terrible but that’s not our problem. Their supporters were getting on their team’s back and I felt it affected their team’s performance – Perhaps we can learn something from that?


I was gutted for Baker when he hit the post late on. He looked absolutely devastated. Don’t worry mate – save it for when it matters!!


MoTM for me was Wareham. His early goal obviously gave him some confidence and I agree with Patriot that I think his performance was definitely improved by releasing the ball earlier (Obviously that’s easier to do with two strikers to aim at).


If we can get a win on Saturday our position will look much better.


Come on you Blues!!



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If Wellsie thinks we are the worst side he's seen, then fine, he's entitled to hold that view. After a 3-1 victory against a fellow struggling side and at a ground where we've never won before, who cares!? And of course, we did beat Dartford the other week, so we can't be that bad. The points were far more important than the performance.


Gotta say I feared the worst with no Pond or Hall starting but with the exception of the first 10 minutes we were the better side and for once we took our chances (you may have to re-read that last bit!). Could've/should've won more comfortably but that would be just damn right greedy! Much better performance from Wareham, that should be his benchmark. Effort and committment from the entire team, well done to all.


11 points from the play-offs, how's that for positive!

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