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New Managers odds (for fun only) PLace your bets!!


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Ian O'connell/C.Kinnear 11/10

Ian O'Connell 6/4

Andy Ford 4/1

Chris Kinnear 7/1

Walker/Hume 14/1


Borg 16/1

Terry Yorath25/1

Neville Southall 25/1

Yorath/Southall 33/1

Steve McKimm 33/1

Mark Butler 33/1

Gary Abbot 33/1

Jim Ward 50/1

Danny Ward 50/1

Jay Saunders 50/1

D/Ward-J/Ward 66/1 (Pinky & Porky)

Mark Munday 66/1

Any others/combinations 100/1


I have no inside information,am just having a bit of fun. Have I missed anyone?? IS there anyone else??


Prices subject to fluctuation (as they say) l.o.l. :icon22:


Place your bets (Hypothetically of course) Max Stake £100 (Hypothetically of course)

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Revised odds


Ian O'connell/C.Kinnear 11/10 21/20

Ian O'Connell 6/4 7/4

Andy Ford 4/1 7/2

Chris Kinnear 7/1 9/1

Walker/Hume 14/1 16/1

Walker 16/1 18/1

Borg 16/1 20/1 25/1

Terry Yorath 25/1 28/1

Neville Southall 25/1 28/1

Yorath/Southall 33/1 40/1

Steve McKimm 33/1 40/1

Mark Butler 33/1 40/1

Gary Abbot 33/1 40/1

Jim Ward 50/1 66/1

Danny Ward 50/1 80/1

Jay Saunders 50/1 80/1

D/Ward-J/Ward 66/1 100/1 (Pinky & Porky)

Mark Munday 66/1 150/1

Any others/combinations 100/1 200/1

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still dont think Bjorn is a big price even though he has drifted from 16/1 to 25/1

There is another Swede so far not concidered. Sven !
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