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Lowestoft town

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running away with ryman one north.

Lost 5-0 away to concord tonight,guess they ain't that good then.

Cracking result for the best team in canvey but league champions who are worthy surely don't lose by that score too often,don't remember us getting dicked on the island by that score(think we won 2-1)

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A reverse result of when the sides met in Suffolk last August.. both sides joint top now and beat each other 5-0... that can't have happened too many times.. and as for getting dicked on pig island, I must have a Hepatitus C booster jab.. :) Nite nite..

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i thought lowestoft were running away with it


they are, theyll be about 10 points clear I reckon as they have 3 games in hand.

Watch out in the premier division as it'd fancy a bet on them winning your division outright next season..

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they lost to croydon athletic in the league cup tonight,seems they are on a wobble


Have heard there players are on loads of money even £700 a week I heard. not to sure about that though.

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Croydon Athletic seem to have a bit of money floating about. Had a couple of decent ex football league players down there.

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Just took a look at Ryman North table and how times change. Harlow are 14 points adrift at the bottom of the table. Even if they hadn't had a 10 point deduction they'd still be behind Redbridge and have played six games more .

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maybe the odd one but i doubt many are


I have no idea as to what their wage bill is, but can't imagine that their players are on massive wages, despite pulling a few bods from Conny North this season.

Probably raking in about £5,000+ every fortnight after expenses, so work that out fortnightly and probably £200-£300 max for their top earners.

They almost went bust a couple of years back - usual thing, spending money they didn't have - but have come back stronger for the experience.

Whether they win the Ryman Prem next season, who knows, but on current form they will be there or thereabouts.

Not sure what side they had out against Croydon.. either kids, or the joint managers may have made the first team play, following their Tuesday night tonking on Pig Island.

Whatever, they have certainly clocked up some mileage this past five days... away games at Concord, Croydon and Great Wakering tomorrow - must be nearly 800 miles in total.

That don't come cheap either as you know the price of coaches to local games.

Must be one of the few clubs that take the same road to every away game! Truro too probably...

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