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Windsor FC 2-1 Slough Town


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Not a bad game considering it was the 1st friendly. Very promising from our rather hastily assembled team.


Joe Chandiram's goal...



Ryan Ash's cheeky free kick clips the crossbar...



If anyone knows how to embed a video into the post please let me know as various things I've tried show it in Preview Post but then not when I post it up...

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i when to the game today thought it was a good game and does anyone know how much the new club shirt is



I think the shirts are just under £40!

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Very entertaining game and was quite competitive I thought for a friendly.Slough had a bit more 'play time' than us having already had one game and started the better side,but once we settled,I thought we began to get our shape and looked impressive.Our left back(Joe Hatcher?,sorry being new ive got to get to know them lol),looked tidy and had excellent distribution,and a good set-up and finish by Ryan O'Toole for the opener.Keeper looked safe as well.Overall,going forward from todays result I think we can all see we look to have a decent side.




Opening music impressive also!

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Excellent day today! Congrats and thank you to everyone involved for making today happen. Ground looked fantastic, an impressive crowd, the new match programme was an excellent read, and the team that has been put together in two weeks punched well above their weights against opposition that will be gunning for promotion in the division above. Isn't it great to have football back!!

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It was good to actually see some live football for the first time in what seems like an eternity. Well done to everybody who made Saturday a reality.


It was a pleasant surprise to see some decent football being played particularly from Windsor. The "new" signings all looked impressive and side already has a balanced look about it and played as a cohesive unit.


In fact you would never have guessed that Slough were the team from a higher level who had been playing together for a few seasons. I'll give Slough the benefit of the doubt and put this down to how well Windsor played as oppose to how poor Slough were.


Anyway Saturday was never going to be about the result. It was about the birth of a new club. Even if Slough had won 9-0 the day still would have been a triumph.



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