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Stadium Development - Update on long-term lease application


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Funny how we see things differently The consultants I believe are experts in their field so why is their opinion not valued by TDC?


Because the bods in the planning office are not prepared/qualified to make a decision so therefore will throw it back and forth until someone has the cahonas/ability/status to make "THE" final foray into the unknown of putting a signature on the form - got a long way to go still methinks :(

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To aviod us all inundating/duplicating and boring Mr Egan with requests for info on this-and effectively 'wasting a question' in his Q and A forum (if i understand correctly it is Mr Pipers 'specialist subject anyway) could we have the latest update on this during the course of this week prior to the Q and A 'forum'.


trusting the funding will be put in place-looking tight now for that March start !

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The link in the first post of this thread just goes to an advert.


If anyone else sess this, it's just the slpash page. All you do is click on "ENTER THE SITE" to ...... enter the site.

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Thanks DaveS, I have read it now. Another little obstacle it seems. I tell you what, if they only get a 99 year lease, and the hotel has to be demolished at the end of it, I'll be gutted. What with Margate being in the new inter-galactic premier league by then and everything.

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