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Match coverage: Wingate & Finchley vs MARGATE


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All the usual coverage via Twitter on www.margate-fc.com or www.twitter.com/margate_fc.


Plus the Margate line up and latest score from Wingate and all the other latest scores from across the Ryman League Premier Division here: http://www.margate-fc.com/content/1st_team/fixtures_results/match_detailsnew.php?all_games_id=2394

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I bet we scored first as we don't seem to be able to hang on to a lead for long these days .... (Oh yes just seen it, we did score first). mmmmmm.


Other news Re:Appiah...On the bench today for Palace first team

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Not there-so no idea how we played-irrelevant really-but i would gladly accept a point to 'stop the rot',so quite pleased.


Gives a foundation to start building on again.

Just need to take 3 points from Leatherhead next week.


Looking forward to reading the odd report on how we did.


Full marks to Stubbs for taking the penalty-needed a bit of cool aplomb to do that for a late equaliser-fair bit of pressure there-well done DS

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I didn't get home quick...


Fair result overall. CK made changes at half-time, bringing on Bodkin and Murphy. We looked much better but W&F still had good chances, SO made at least three vital saves. A game between two teams low on confidence. Good to see Hill return. Heaven knows what the crowd would have been without the away support.

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They announced the attendance 105 at about 3:15 - never heard an announcement of attendance before half-time before.

The ground was quite nice & had a slope from top right to bottom left that reminded me of Hartsdown pre-Conference. The pitch was very close cut & immaculate. The main stand was elevated but about 20-30 yards from the pitch.


We took the lead at 34 seconds, but lost it with their first attempt at goal about a minute later, went further behind late in the first half. Murphy and Bodkin were both introduced to start the second half (replacing Curtis who'd taken a knock, & another yellow card, just before half-time and Burchall, who didn't have much success with shots most failing to be on target). Murphy, playing down the left wing looked sharp - but didn't find a 'Gate shirt when he got his crosses in.

Just as we looked to pick up another loss, we managed to get a penalty - Cloke had just been subbed and Stubbsy claimed the kick, which he cooly put to the keepers left.

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Stubbsy also put the killer pass in for Tom to score early doors (Just so Derek is aware) .


He also seemed to find the heads of several people from his corners first half too which doesnt always happen when others take them.

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