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Aldershot Senior Cup semi-final

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Daft question, but has anyone at the club been liaising with Farnham Town about this fixture? It doesn't get any mention at all on their website, so Farnham do know they're playing us tomorrow, don't they?


Can't take Farnham for granted, they'll be up for this and we'll have to work hard yet again, but it would be lovely to make the final. Come on, lads!

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Aldershot here we come!!


A 3-1 win, five on the spin now, and a sterling team performance against a Farnham Town side who never gave up and played at a high tempo and with plenty of energy, and who gave us a wake-up call when they made it 2-1 with three minutes left, though they should have have three bookings for clattering tackles (the first one by the captain was the worst), but the ref seemed to be from a lower level of the pyramid and was far too lenient - and, yes, we should have had a booking for the penalty. Having said that, their three tackles were the only really hard ones of the evening. Farnham were deservedly level at the break, and you could see why they've been on a good run of form.


With Pietro (and Jock...er, Jack) missing due to university course work, Kofi came in and grabbed his chance with both hands. He showed some tenacious tackling, a couple of looping headers which needed saving, a beautifully stroked-home shot for the 50th minute opener and a headed goal from a free kick nine minutes later (both assists by Ashley) , he helped tee sub Perry up for his 89th minute nerve-settler and almost backheeled a hat-trick goal. He had a better night than Farnham's number 10, Craig Smith, who managed the miss of the season - ten feet out from an open goal, a cross came over and he managed to clear it towards the far by-line! In fairness, Craig took his penalty well, tucking it into the opposite corner to Macca's dive. I did my good deed of the night by nipping into the gents to tell one of Farnham's committee that they'd got the spot kick!


The match was preceded by a celebration of the ginger Bobby Moore's 400th game for us. Russ had an assured, almost quiet game and had to be subbed near the end due to a bad back though, from his hands-on- back posture, I thought he'd been doing a Larry Grayson impersonation! Just one point - in the programme, is that a picture of Russ in an aerial challenge with Jim "The Porsche" Mann in his Uxbridge days? Two autographs needed for that picture! Hopefully, Russ will be in good shape for Woodford on Saturday.


Well done, lads! Looking forward to a midweek trip to Hampshire!

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I forgot to mention the best part of the game, Macca's sublime skill in the first half.


Receiving a testing back pass and with a Farnham forward bearing down on him, Macca dropped his shoulders and sashayed past the attacker, who then turned round and tried again to win the ball, at which point Macca changed direction and left him grasping thin air like a matador waving goodbye to the bull, then cleared the ball in slightly unorthodox fashion for a throw-in. Worthy of a paso doble routine in "Strictly" and, as Craig Revel Horwood might say...A-ma-zing! ;)

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Again , as above.


I thought everyone put a shift in today without really getting into top gear.


My Man of the match was Kofi who had his best game so far and i feel he is working much harder now, which is great .Also Pezza getting his first senior goal

was nice to see.


Smashing to get to a final with a nice evening out to look forward to.



Well done everyone!!! :lol:

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Sorry, yet again to have missid a momentous moment due mainly to "childcare" reasons, but I have my own visits to Hampshire to look forward to in the next days and weeks for reasons un-connected with ATFC.


Would be great to be at Aldershot for the Final, but unsure that it is practical for me at this time.


In any event, well done lads, and good luck. Proud of you all.


To change the subject slightly, please give to Dan Brown's London Marathon cause. Every penny counts.

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