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it really ignores me when people say that the National FA do nothing for small clubs,thats b0llocks each week they send me about 4/5 off these excellent introductions through their 'find a club' scheme:

Query:Dear Basildon United,

My name is S---- A---- and let me tell you my dreams. I dream someday my Country, Indonesia (population of 200+ million people) can play in World Cup, we can win Asian Cup and we can make our people proud. I want to make that dream come true. I'm a bachelor degree holder on Agriculture, I'm still 22 years old, but have experienced with national club and play football since little kid.

I want to ask you about the possibility of joining the club, is there any chance to me to show my skills on trial at your club?

I am an achievement orientation and proactive per...son and have good communication skill, moreover I always eager to learn with teamwork and high sense of wanting to make your club growing even further to the top. I like challenge, hard worker and have a Principe doing the best and never stop until pull stop. I enjoy working by team, and I willing to get minimum wages.

I am very happy if you give me the chance to learn and implicate my ability to make your club archive more success. I hope my ability and my experience background can meet the requirement to be placed in the position that I want, I also hope that I could do the best to your club, and I wish it will be your high club assets. It will be my pleasure to have a nice personal interview. Last hope not least, thanks to your consideration and attention to my resume.

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