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My take on the game

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A good turn out from both sets of fans.Would be nice if we could replicate that week in week. Out but i fear not.

First things first.

If you are going talk about me,just do it,don't all talk about this nasty Eastside urchin as if I am such.I am not,I lovely club and remain fiercely loyal towards it.

With regardsto my recent spat with Gazza,I hope it's put to bed now,I don't want no further repercussions of it,as said by TC the other day,you have him,Hornchurch have me.

With regards to the fame,collis for me was man of the match.You came to win the game with pressure but in all honesty you got the draw that makes you favourites and second half we found it hard to break you down.Its yours to lose but although i don't expect you'll drop too many points,if you do we willbe waiting.

To be fair,I didn't rate you too much,giving you the tag of sh1t Stoke city but you done a job well today and are nailed on to go up.

Ps,me and anyone connected with Hornchurch has not given up just yet,one slip up and we are right behind you.

Lots of live,Hornchurch to$$er

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Eastside I had a good chat with you after the game and found you to be a good fella who just like me loves their club and stands up for it and fair play to you, spats happen. I had one with Mr Edwards a couple of games in and now look at us! It goes with the territory when you are so closly involved at this level of football and I am sure no one holds any grudges.....


I thought we travelled to your place in numbers and did the job that was needed.

I remember travelling to your place in times gone by and us 'Ricay' boys got a fair bit of stick but that hasn't been the case on recent visits which is a real shame and yesterday the only thing you lot did to try and wind us up was the match report!!


Anyway good to put a face to the name yesterday and good luck for the rest of the season, just f*ck up Saturday please.....

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