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Grand National Sweep Draw


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Cookie--Junior---Neptune Collonges

Marksandwell---Rare Bob---Synchronised

Margate Don---Postmaster---Quiscover Fontaine

Pagey---Giles Cross---Arbor Supreme

Tesco Bazza---Swing Bill---Black Appalachi

Mummy Bunny---Calgary Bay---Neptune Equester

Broadstairs Dave---Mon Mome---Tatenen

Frankies Niece---According To Pete---The Midnight Club

Neerteretep---Cappa Bleu---Sunnyhillboy

Danny Riding---Vic Ventura---Alfa Beat

Joseba---Kilyglen---State of Play

Geoff Pay---Shakalakaboomboom---In Compliance

Ancient Blue---Planet of Sound---Tharawaat

Orange Coat---Ballabrigs---BecauseIcouldn'tsee

Ramsgate Builder---Treacle---On His Own

Bluegate Alan---Hello Bud---Seabass

Jab_18---Deep Purple---Midnight Haze


Others :


Donation To M.I.S.A if successful


Chicago Grey

Organised confusion

Weird Al

Always Right

Viking Blond

West End Rocker

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thanks tony


Wow mine are only 50/1 and 60/1...... they are gonna romp it no probs........ are those odds good or bad cookie?????????

I think they mean for every 50 people who think it will win only 1 person thinks it won;t, so you've got every chance...

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Shall be contacting the winners shortly (including myself :D ;) ) to arrange prize giving. Thanks to those that joined in.


Eurovision,my favourite, next up :D ;) :D ;)

Edited by Cookie
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