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I thought this might be a good idea (it probably won't be...)


If any clubs in the Combined Counties are on either Twitter or You Tube, maybe they could post their web-links in this thread.




If there are clubs not currently on Twitter or You Tube but whom are considering joining up to one or both, perhaps they could use this thread for reference.


Just a thought.

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Sheerwater are now on twitter @sheerwaterfc and have a new club email address sheerwaterfc@hotmail.co.uk.


Bomaya done a great job of adding all the clubs details in the thread pinned in this forum, under club details, maybe one can be done for the next season.

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Welcome to the Twitter revolution, Young Veteran! If you need any tips on adding photos (foreground/background) drop me a message, or I'm sure somebody will let you know.


Just one thing - there's no mention of the Egham Town friendly on your main website.

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Mole Valley SCR - @MVSCRFC

Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/mvscrfc/ (although i have to be honest i have been adding non footie stuff onto here as well)


We are hoping to have a new website in the next month or so, just as long as yours truly pulls his finger out (although we will be keeping the Pitchero one for our Colts teams)

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    • By Brightside Bloke
      Just to let you know that I have nothing to do with the Club I'm a supporter of the club just like most of you. It's flattering that some people think i am still involved with the BTSA.
      No I'm not sure why additional TV's were not purchased as suggested. 

      Any questions should be sent to either of the following email addresses chairman@billericaytownfc.co.uk  or info@billericaytownfc.co.uk  

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      I have made a few minor updates to the community.
      You will see more easy links to share forums, topics etc., with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. Please make use of these. It will encourage more people to view your forum or your topic.
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      Other media types are supported, however thumbnails will not appear.
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