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Blind Bigot

Help n' Support required - re the Chester game

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OK!…… So how would you deal with the tricky problem of attempting to attend two important football games in one weekend when you have an adoring partner (who positively hates the beautiful game – but is reasonably tolerant), a demanding daughter (bless her), two over active dogs and two demented gold fish?


I'm trying to convince myself that the offer of a trip to Chester for the whole family on the 8th Nov could be an attractive and tempting proposition.............. But then again, in truth, I do like the salutary excursion, especially on match days.


T'fact is the Terriers are at Accrington which I am duty bound (you know how it is) to attend, but that’s on the Sunday after the Chester (8th) encounter!


Question is! How do I manovoer myself into the 'prime bargaining position' where I can attend both games without causing unnecessary 'damage' on the home front?


Sorry to burden you Fleet faithful with this little conundrum but any help/advice would be much appreciated. I'm sure there are some 'past masters' amongst you


BB laugh.gif


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If she's into technology, get your wife a mobile phone that is every bit as good as the one you recently bought your daughter for her birthday - but not obviously better to young eyes, or there'll be obvious fallout. If your wife doesn't have a mobile yet she'll be playing with it for ages & will scarcely notice your entirely reasonable suggestion re. the football. If she has an old Flinstones era brick, she'll be so delighted with her slimline new model, she'll agree with me that your request is perfectly acceptable.


Your network supplier will probably do you a good deal if you've been with them for years. I got an all singing, all dancing, emailing, picture messaging one for a snip.


Good luck


Graham S


PS Having given you this advice, I don't see myself successfully negotiating a trip to Chester.


PPS Unfortunately, I don't think you'll find any Conference grounds let dogs in anymore. The Fleet did in the past, but not anymore. Goldfish might be a different matter, though you might be better off installing state of the art kennels & an aquarium in that camper van of yours.



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To add to my angst, Accrington have only agreed to 396 Terriers tickets. The Reason given? Difficulties in policing and stewarding a large away following! A lame excuses if ever I heard one!


Soooooooooooo if I don't get a ticket (which is highly likely) my little problem could be purely academic. A one game weekend - Fleet at Chester and watch the Terriers 'on the box' from the comfort of my armchair on Sunday.


I like your suggestions though, apart from the threat to give her the big hand behind the forehead. She’s bigger than me!




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