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Gravesends Smash and Grab

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Cheers, Drury Blue.


My money's on you for promotion this year. For ourselves, I'll settle for a couple more rounds' worth of FA cash & getting ourselves acknowledged by the media. We have the fighting spirit in abundance & with a little more of today's luck-riding, who knows?


Graham S

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A fair match report overall - it was rather bizarre that, despite the fact that Chester had nearly all of the play in the second half, we had possibly the closest effort on goal with Duku's header being tipped against the bar. Overall, a great team effort, with a perfect penalty from Skins and superb resilience after that, although the second half certainly wasn't very good for the nerves. A few weeks ago we were all moaning about how we struggle to pick up clean sheets, but now we can't stop getting them - four in the last five games!


A superb display - you could say that we 'out-Chestered' Chester, given their traditionally impressive defensive record. Bring on Notts County - at least we should be able to play them on our own ground this time!


P.S. Ben Walshe came off for Andy Drury in the first half and appeared to be carrying an injury - let's hope it's not too serious.

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