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Marketing your Club.


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In this day and age,how do CCL Clubs get more supporters through the gates.


Well Sutton Common Rovers may of come up with a great idea.They are offering Season tickets @ £20 per person to the first 200 people who apply.Which works out at £1 per game.What a bargain for any Non League follower to snap up you must admit.Maybe other CCL Clubs with low attendances should try this approach.Worth a try in my opinion.The only downside for SCR is they wil not make any revenue from the Bar,as they are Groundsharing at Sutton Utd.Any views?

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That's a very good marketing strategy, Peter.


I'm sure the new management board at DFC will definitely have something in mind when they move back to Meadowbank in a years time as there will probably be two Dorking teams vying to get bums in the stand then.

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