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Brown pleased to be at home again


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never been a footballmanager apart from the comfort of the armchair, but i find it interesting that after a heavy defeat, most managers say (never sure if they mean it ) that they want another game quick to get the defeat out of the system and prove they are not as bad as it seems.


whilst i can understand a bit of that, it always strikes me that a bit of a delay would be better, because when it is obviously so bad, surely you want as much preparation time as possible to organise/correct what went wrong in the previous game-


i.e would we be better served with no midweek game and a couple of training sessions to try and correct things.


i don't know-from the armchair-the latter looks the better choice to me, but the real managers have this gung ho-lets get at 'em/go again philosophy.

(and often fall flat on their face and suffer two defeats in a row )


i guess its down to the individual mindset, whereas i am calculating and let the head rule,whereas others are led by the heart

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I can see your point there Michael - although I'd have to disagree about the gung-ho part.


I always think it's better to have a game as quickly as possible after a disappointing result, so there's a chance to 'get back up on the horse' as it were.


Do see your point about more time for training sessions, but at the same time, I think it's best to throw yourself straight back into another game, so that the players don't have time to wallow or feel sorry for themselves, & have that burning determination to think 'Right, Saturday was a nightmare, but we've got the chance to put that behind us & come back with a bang on Tuesday'


It's like you said though, we're all armchair managers here, & I'm judging the players in terms of what my own mindset would be.


Either way, looking forward to cheering the lads on tonight & willing them onto a positive result :)

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i have to concede that it does seem no matter how many times /hard they train, it don't seem to make much difference and see much improvement, so i guess that means either:

you are right blackz,

the training is ineffective

the players are simply not good enough and no matter how much training they receive, they are not capable of much improvement.


i have no idea what applies

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