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Windsor friendlies this week

Windsor FC news

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Great to see the forum being used again.  


TBH i'm not that into faceache & twitts.


So lets get back to where we were a few years ago.  An active forum??

Ok, I'll give it a go but don't hold out much hope.


I have no idea what the management are thinking but for me (football-wise) it's been a very disappointing pre-season so far.


We weren't strong last season and a number of our best players seem not to have returned. It's happened that way before and then they are out there for the 1st game of the season so maybe that'll be the case again.


Smith, Brooks, Baddeley, Wretham and the returning Leonetti are all good additions and a couple of the young players who have come across from the Burnham Academy with Ashley Smith look good enough to play a part (certainly Denzil Bonilla-Hurtado) but it's all very workmanlike with no real flair and nobody new to put the ball in the net.


Good to see Kyle Jeffrey around again and Quinn although the latter apparently only for a month or 2 before he returns to USA.


Loads of players have trialled, most not quite good enough.


There hasn't been a decent team performance in 5 games so far so 2 games left to get it right.


I hope they've made their decisions now and we will see the prospective 1st team take to the pitch against Flackwell Heath and Bracknell so the essential little partnerships on the pitch can develop in time for the Bedfont Spirts game as they will be significantly better than any opposition we've faced so far so there needs to be some massive improvement in all areas.


Final mention re Sheehan who has looked very sharp.


Just my observations - in Mick we trust but he can only work with what he's got.

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I still check all posts on this forum.


I gave up Facebook yonks ago, and only tweet when I need too.  Probably my age !

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