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Excuse me for this blatant piece of propaganda but it's for a good cause.

People are prone to buy pets at xmas time. Everyone knows they shouldn't rush into these decisions.

But, for anyone who IS interested in getting a dog in 2004 then I'd like to recommend a retired greyhound as the ultimate in pets.

All that you may have read about them in the adverts [not needing too much exercise; not expensive to keep; gentle; good with children etc] has been correct in my experience.

I have had two for nearly two years now, and they are blinding pets to have around the home. They are relaxed, peaceful, and placid, but bark at the right times (i.e. when strangers are at the door).

They are elegant dogs to walk. They don't pull, unless they see a particularly juicy cat or squirrel, and everyone seems to stop me and wants to stroke the dogs and speak about them.

Dare I say it; they are civilized around the home. They don't slobber, they don't mount your legs; and they groom themselves like cats, so they are clean and don't smell "doggy".

If anyone wants any further info on keeping retired greyhounds then please ask me and I'll gladly help.

Otherwise http://www.retiredgreyhounds.co.uk/

will give you general advice.

Anybody else in The Pub own a retired greyhound?

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I congratulate you for raising the issue about rescuing Greyhounds. It is terrible how they are cast off once their value as racing dogs is over. I do hope your 'blatant piece of propoganda'helps the cause. Personally I have not rescued greyhounds but I know two people who have and they like you are besotted with them. I have rescued three dogs over the years and believe me they offer so much loyality. I would never go for any dog now, other than a rescue, it is so rewarding. Have a good Christmas maladroit (with your two doggy friends)

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It really depends upon the dog, Rob. I know two greys who live with cats, and get on fine.

I got my dogs because I have a spine condition, and I need to have gentle exercise but not excessive amounts. I walk mine for about 15 mins twice daily, but when I'm feeling fit we go a bit further.

It's good to hear about your case Vera. I don't know why anyone would go for a non-rescue dog. If it's breeding and pedigree their after then they can't get much better than a Grey. Where else can you pick up a dog that was originally bought for between £500-£6000, for nothing. Greyhound blood is so "pure" that they are also used as blood donors for all other dogs!

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A really sensible chat at last !


Unfortunately, we have three cats, but me and 'Er Indoors would love to re-home a grey.


Annette Crosby, (Actress), is also besotted and has some of these graceful creatures !

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And Vinnie Jones has homed one of his racers I believe.

Mine are good at guarding the house - and the car on the drive too. Mine woke me up about an hour ago as they heard something (or someone) in the alley behind the house. Trouble is I can't get back to sleep!


I was chatting with another Hornchurch supporter on Saturday, who also happens to have a greyhound, and we agreed that there should be stricter rules governing the ownership of greyhounds. If racing owners cannot provide a home, or the means for a home for the rest of the dog's natural life, then they shouldn't be allowed to race them. But like all things...how do you regulate it?

We got our second dog direct from a racing trainer, rather than from the RGT. To cut a short story even shorter, the owners of the dog told the trainer to "lose her": meaning get her put down. The reason? She had a recurring dislocated toe. He didn't have any more room at home so we rescued her. If we happen to go for fairly long walks the toe sometimes flares up...but otherwise it's no real bother to her.

To be fair to some of the racing fraternity, there are owners and trainers (like him above) who keep dogs after they've raced. Professional owners are being encouraged more and more to take proper responsibility for their dogs, because they fear greater regulation I suspect.

But, the type of owner I find particularly offensive are the "casual" ones that get a greyhound as a status symbol ("working-class racehorse"!)and then discard them because - heavens above - wifey couldn't stand having a dog about the home.

Enjoy your cats JR! You might still be able to have a dog....

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Found out yesterday that both my dogs are related to Born Slippy - the dog that inspired the song of the same name by Underworld!

My dogs are celebrities...get me outta here!

They'll be demanding appearance fees next time I take them out. <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

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It is three years now since the last dog race was run at Walthamstow but still the future of the Greyhound Stadium hangs in the balance, plans to build 300 homes on the site are currently being considered by the Local Council but lovers of greyhound racing, including Sir Mick Jagger and some high powered businessmen, are refusing to let ‘The Stow’ go without a fight. Jagger said: ‘it's heartbreaking to hear such a beautiful, important historical building is being lost to the Local Community, I fully support the campaign to keep it open as a dog track for generations to come’:






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