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Canvey v Hendon

Sharming Paula

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Oh well seems we're out of the Bryco Cup. Official site states lost 3-0 (no match report yet!!!!)

Lots of reserve team playing. I could'nt make it tonight (busy xmas shopping boo hoo. Look forward to reading a decent match report. Dont let me down!

Still we can now concentrate on the league!! Wanna be playing Sarfend in the Conference next season!!!

Merry Xmas to all the Yellow Army. See you Boxing Day. <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> <img src="/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

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I wasn't going to bother doing a match report because tonight was pretty boring and I lost interest half way through.


Hendon's goals were scored by Ofori in the first half and Binns and Duncan in the second. Hendon put out a strong line up and looked organised whilst with our mixture of fringe players and youngsters we looked rather off key. Dobbo and Cowan tried their hardest but some of the youngsters looked out of their depth (although Jason Hallett showed some nice touches when he came on).


Bertie Brayley will still not pass the ball and Scott Forbes had a poor game. Totally flat performance and absolutely no atmosphere. Does anybody give a damn about this competition?


Credit to Hendon but we have more important things to concentrate on.

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Cheers Y A. Seems like I didnt miss much. Just seen the'official' sites report too. Not much on there either.

Cant have been as bad as my xmas shopping though!!

Must admit half of the names of those playing were new to me but after all I am female!!!

Look forward to playing Hendon in a few weeks time with a team up to full strengh.

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Where was Michael Lee tonight then? Sure I saw him on the pitch at half time warming up.


Greggors on the bench? Sure I saw him in the bar before the game having a pint or two with the rest of team dressed in normal clothes.


Didn't like the look of that bright red stuff Neil Midgley was drinking. Looked like Aftershock!!

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