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Drinking League

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Inspired by Bald Eagle. Also on the general forum to stoke up some debate - just like my best grounds thread and grounds that should be knocked down and made into houses <img src="/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />


Top Boys

1. Canvey Island Tried to ruin this seasons trip by putting it on a Tuesday. Biggest away turnout for the EFM boys (sometimes over 20) - Fishface, Thames Esturay skinnydipping, drug taking, wit, taking over the Jellicoe, bus to police station to name just a few

2. Bognor Regis Town Drink spiking, pedistrian centre chanting, teenagers brought stella, crazy golf attack, milky bars on person and dished out to kids on train, almost ejected from train

3. Hitchin Town Masking tape and finding a wife

4. Maidenhead United A surprise entry - Reading festival extention, derelict house, EFM PA

5. Bedford Short boozy train ride

6. Sutton First memory of Zeal - In shorts with a bottle of wine

7. Carshalton Another train ride - Cheerleaders???

Potential with some done

8. Kingstonian Just don't take it into their football league ground

9. Braintree Highest climber made possible since Big Ron has arrived

10. Billericay Nice train ride, shame about the locals

11. Grays Saturday game can rival the best - Tuesday game just depressing

12. Basingstoke Town Long trip should make for boozy fans, some made trip on train last season, highlight was Toys'r'us

13. Hornchurch Can see a big rise for this club next season if the game is on a Saturday

14. Bishops Stortford Can be done on the train and probably should be

15. Hendon If we didn't always get this game on a cold wet Tuesday night in March with nothing to play for I should imagine it'll be a lot higher

16. Ford Another possible boozy train ride

Not been there yet but must be better than the rest

17. Kettering Another potential great one - except it's on a Tuesday night

18. Northwood Other side of watford - could be a abby flyer and bus job

No Chance

19. Aylesbury A bitch to get to on the train, moody inbred people, that bloody band. Although a smirnoff ice did make an apperenace last season clutched in the hand of a lone pitch invader

20. Hayes Just want to get in, then out, another midweek game last season so got a chance to climb this year

21. Harrow OK for drinking in the ground and could be done on the train but everybody just seems to want to drive there and get it out the way

22. Thurrock Miles from the station and extremely depressing

23. Heybridge Ditto

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Nice to see us top of the list. Get into the Conference and there'll be plenty of decent drinking trips!!!

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