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Where have all the Bas Boys gone?

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See my comments pasted below from previous post:


"Completed the double over the bas boys yesterday, although it did get a bit close at one point.


As the game became more tense, Basildon appeared to employ the tatics they brought with them from Southend Manor last season. Basically, they make a point of geeting upset at every challenge made on them, moan to the ref and have a pop at the opposition. The idea is to draw their opponents into a war, which they are better equipped for, and gradually wear the ref down so he starts giving them more decisions for an easy life.


Their no 4 (Stephen Fry lookalike)was best at it, moaning constantly. This time round Romford, did their best not to get drawn in, although it was hard at times.


As for the Bas floodlights, they were awful. When we played at home to Sawbo in midweek earlier in the season, we had trouble getting the lights up to full power. This caused the ref to consider calling the game off and Sawbo were reluctant to play. Then the lights came on full blast so all was ok. Ironically when the lights were at half power, they were as good as the Bas lights were yesterday."


We seemed reasonably comfortable at 2-0 up at half time, but Bas gave it a real go second half and we just about held on in there. If feel Bas can play a bit when they are up for it, but it doesn't happen often enough for them to be serious title contenders.


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