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Enfield Town v Metropolitan Police


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Tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon Town extend a warm welcome to our opponents Met Police for our third Bostik League Premier Division fixture of the season at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium. KO 3.00pm.


Last Tuesday evening, while we were losing 3-0 at Hendon in a challenging North London derby, the Blues went down by a similar margin, losing 4-1 away to newly promoted side Dorking Wanderers. The Met won their opening home match, beating Worthing 3-1 at Imber Court.


Both teams will be looking to bounce back this weekend, after their disappointing mid-week defeats, and another very close, tight contest is in prospect.


Next April is a long way off, there are 44 more league fixtures left, so plenty of points to play for, and Andy, Darren, and our new squad of players, deserve plenty of noisy support and encouragement tomorrow, as they battle to secure our first win of the season.





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Hi LittleH, I have nothing but admiration for your everlasting optimism, and I sincerely hope you are proved right.


However, I feel it's going to be a long hard season for us all, unless the new management is able to obtain 2/3 players with a bit more quality, rather than the mediocre ones he seems to get in 3 or 4 at a time.


At this point time even only one quality forward  who knows how to score goals ( especially from the penalty spot) would make a difference.


I know it is stepping back in time but even Liam Hope, who was there the other week, has as much pedigree as some that have been signed up. He may be a bit older but still he has more skill than any of the forwards I have seen so far this season.

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4WF, we are very fortunate to support a much respected, well-run club which has made outstanding progress since the early Brimsdown days, thanks to the loyalty and hardwork of many dedicated supporters.


Very few clubs, at our level, are successful season after season. We have no divine right to success, and very few clubs have suffered what we suffered in the close season, losing a manager and virtually a whole squad of first choice players.


Our new management team, Andy Leese and Darren Purse, have done incredibly well to recruit a whole new squad of players, and field a completely new team, capable of competing at Bostik Premier Division standard, in a very short period of time.


Most supporters know, from various updates, how hard they are working to get things right. It is an extremely difficult task and, at the very least, they deserve our full backing, encouragement, and support.

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In total agreement LH..... if these quality players were available I'm sure Andy would have tried to get them... remember how close to relegation we were a few seasons back... building a team takes time... Like Quinton did ...a few good signings each season and many many more who never made it....starting from scratch was never going to be as easy as some obviously thought...

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To be fair Braintree and Chesham have started the season a lot better with completely new teams that were put together quickly in the close season as well.The big plus point in appointing Andy Leese was his contacts with players at this level whom he could bring in.Having said that i fully expect a much better performance and to pick up points tomorrow.I also think we will improve as the season continues.But i don't think we should take a poor start as expected or accept it as inevitable.

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AS I said LittleH, I was quite sincere in commenting on your ever continuing optimism

and in no way was I was I being sarcastic.


Having read Lovely Stuffs previous comments I think he and I share a little more objectiveness and realism. But that does not mean we are not loyal supporters but reserved the right to raise what we consider legitimate questions.

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Good Morning ALL, match-day is here again.


Let's hope our players play with pride and passion this afternoon, deliver a good performance, make it third time lucky, and deliver our first win of the season. Fingers crossed!


Some interesting comments above. We are all entitled to an opinion, but it doesn't necessarily mean we are right. 4WF think it is better to be an optimist than a pessimist about our chances. Realistically, I and many people I have spoken to at the club, recognise it will take time for our new team to settle-in, before they play to the standard we all want and expect. Be interesting to see if there is any improvement this afternoon.



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LH the joy of being slightly pessimistic is that you are pleased when you things prove you wrong but

being over optimistic can lead to over confidence and a failure of seeing the reality before you.


 Being told what you want to hear does not mean it will happen unless you have the will to make it happen. That some times means that certain of us have to give views that some others don't want to hear as it may cause discomfort. I suggest you read Lovely Stuffs comments again which I feel are concise replies to those who keep telling us everything is rosy and to question the status- quo is disloyal.


I too hope for an improvement today and look forward to a win, I am not a masochist!!!!   

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Think it is time to hear what others Towners feel about todays match and our chances this afternoon. Be interested to hear what changes you expect from Tuesday night, our line-up, and your final score prediction.

What do you think guys?


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Town Line up today as follows:


1. Joe Wright

2. Mickey Parcell

3. Taylor McKenzie

4. Rob Barkley

5. Darren Purse

6. Steve Wales

7. Aaron Greene

8. Sam Youngs

9. Ryan Blake

10. Simon Thomas




12. Drew Roberts

14. John Kriacou

15. Dan Rumens

16. Jack Higgs

17. George Beattie


11. Ralston Gabriel

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Town 1-2 Met Police

After taking an early lead Town find themselves a goal behind at the interval.

We are reportedly playing well in spells and creating more chances this week, but sloppy play has cost us both goals. Plenty to do in the second half.


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