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Don't stay away ... have faith.

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For all those "supporters" who are currently absent from The Park at weekends, and who do not go to away matches, come along this Saturday the 17th to see the Reserves take on Canvey Island in the Combination Cup. (This would follow on nicely from last Saturday v Knebworth when we attracted a record crowd for this seasons reserve games, mainly due to the fact that Knebworth themselves were very well supported.)


This should be a cracking game as it stands at 1-1 in games this season. They won 1-0 at The Park in the first game of the season but revenge was gained when the Reserves knocked them out of the Fred Budden trophy on penalties. I would imagine they will bring a strong team and will be seeking revenge.


As for the Reserves who knows who will be available for selection this week. Certainly recent promotions to the first team squad, plus a couple of long term injuries have lead to one or two new faces being given a chance and it is good to know that there is a back up of talented youngsters who could progress in the future.


So dust of the scarves and come and pay your £2 / £1 (great value) to support the club and maybe we can show you that all is not yet lost <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" />

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Even though the reserve team has been the only bright spark in a terrible season we must not forget that winning the reserve league will not get us into the conference south, I suggest that Saturday everybody takes avantage of a quick and easy (and boozy) train journey to Sutton and bring ourselves to get behind the bunch of muppetts that play in the first team. You never know it might just work and if it doesn't we can have a bloody good moan when we go 3-0 down.

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EFMTFTV et al ...


Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to stop supporters following the first team. Far from it. The team needs all the help it can get and I for one would be there to get behind them if not for the reserve team connections.


I was simply trying to get those doom mongers who are currently not coming to home games, and who never travel away, roused from their slumber with a view to continuing to help the club in some form.


Remember the reserves also cost money to run (not players but referees / officials, bar staff, pitch maintenance, kit and equipment etc.) and at present we are succeeding in covering these costs through sponsorships and other avenues but times can change. I believe it would be a massive loss if this supply line of young / gifted talent was terminated through lack of support from all sources.


As you rightly state, winning any trophy with the reserves will not bring the required success for the main club, but the efforts to get there deserve to be recognised and are an indicator that the future is bright, "Baldock Blue Bright " (sorry AFF).


So lets see some of you miserable s*ds on Saturday and help keep this part of the club alive !!

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