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Message to all users

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Mark Jenkins and the managment of Basildon United would like to point out that the person using the tag "Busy Bee" has no assocaiton with the club at all.


The views expressed on this forum by the person are moronic and disgraceful and all effort will be made to find the culprit.


This is an unusual step to post such a message but he feels that the offence caused to many of the users on this forum by this person warrants such action.


Forums should be used for light hearted banter but have turned into childish,pathetic rubbish which does not give anyone any credit.





<img src="/images/graemlins/afro.gif" alt="" />

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We thank the good people of Basildon F.C. for their response, the Manor have the utmost respect for the Manager, staff and players of Baz, and despite the views of one moron, we still applaude Mark and the players on what they have achieved this season.Good luck for the rest of the season.

All at the Manor.

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Southport, Ian is watching, however he trusts the common sense of all the decent people to sort it out. And as you can see there are more intelligent people on here then moronic.


Buzzing Bee, I share Rifles comments. I had no doubt in the creditability of the good fans of Basildon, I saw with my own eyes Saturday, you are no less passionate then rest of all the ESL fans that share this forum.


Regards MB



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